Central Maine’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Image by Netto Figueiredo from Pixabay

Augusta is leading the way, and we’re not talking politics. The 2 most dangerous intersections, as far as crashes in the state, are in the Capital City.

No surprise that the most crashes in 2019 involve the roundabouts.

So far this year, 31 crashes, according to the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, have occurred at the intersection of Bangor Street/Cony Circle/Cony Street. That is the most of any intersection in the state.

Close behind, with 28, is the intersection of Memorial Circle/Western Avenue.

Other dangerous intersections in central Maine include the following with the amount of crashes in parenthesis:

  • Auburn: Intersection of Mount Auburn Avenue.Turner Street (14)
  • Topsham: Intersection of Bypass Drive/Maine Street/Route 196 (11)
  • Gardiner: Intersection of Bridge Street/Maine Avenue/State Highway 27 (9)
  • Lewiston: Intersection of East Avenue and Russell Street (8)
  • Augusta: Intersection of the ramp off of the Interstate off to Western Avenue (8)

* The results are only listed for the towns included in the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety search engine.

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