Most Amazing Moments of the Past 100 Years

Photo: Pixabay

What do you think is the most historical moment in the past century? That’s a question that was asked in a recent international poll.

According to DigitalHub, adults from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UAE and Russia, were asked what they think were, among other things, incredible moments, medical marvels, human feats and tech breakthroughs, of the past 100 years.

These were the Top 10

  1. The end of WWII (1945)
  2. The first organ transplant (1954)
  3. First heart transplant (1967)
  4. Penicillin successfully used to treat a first patient for septicaemia or blood poisoning (1942)
  5. First man on the moon (1969)
  6. The demolition of the Berlin wall (1989)
  7. First human in space (1961)
  8. Vaccine for tuberculosis (1927)
  9. Creation of the first artificial heart (2015)
  10. First chemotherapy treatment (1956)

Check out the Top 50 here

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