Mac at the Movies: ‘Rocketman’


I hope you enjoyed the special “Elton John Weekend” at Central Maine NOW. We had a blast putting it together for you.

It was all to celebrate the opening of the Elton bio-pic, “Rocketman!”

I saw it Saturday afternoon, and absolutely loved it!

The casting in the movie was marvelous, starting with Taron Egerton as Elton John. He was perfect.

I should mention that Elton John was a producer and had been trying to get a bio-pic made for a couple of decades. The wait was worth it.

A part of the movie I loved, was his relationship with Bernie Taupin, the lyrical genius behind most of their hits. He was given proper credit for the success of the rock star.

I purposely tried to stay away from reviews, so I was surprised that it was a musical. I expected music, obviously, but the staged musical numbers were extraordinary, and the lyrics fit perfectly with the story-line.

As I say this though, that was one of the few sticking points, for me. Some of the use of songs did not fit chronologically with the timeline of the movie.

I guess the director admitted as such. One scene was near the beginning, in his soon to be producer’s office in the late 60s. Elton sings a note of “Sad Songs (Say So Much)” which was written in the early 80s.

Another thing, I actually looked up when I got home, was a scene where Elton explained how he chose his stage name. His birth name is Reginald Dwight. The movie showed the scene where he picked Elton, taking it from a bandmate. In the film, it was insinuated that John came from John Lennon. I always believed it was in tribute to blues legend, Long John Baldry. Turns out I was correct.

None of these minor blips take away from the brilliance of film. Even if you’re not a fan of Elton John, it is a must see!

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